We're the ones who believe country life really is the best life, and we showcase the hardworking people who are finding creative ways to do life in rural communities all across America.

We believe this generation is hungry to return to their roots. What if there was a way for our small-town communities to start growing again instead of slowly fading away? What if there was a way to bring people back to their hometowns to raise their families? What if this generation could be known for sparking a rural revival across America? Instead of saying "what if," we're saying "let's do it!"


By combining creative thinking, technology, and some good old-fashioned hard work, revival in our small towns and rural communities is not only possible, it's happening. From farming and agriculture to amazing restaurants, vintage markets, and even tech start-ups, people are thinking outside the box, taking risks, and bringing life back to the hometowns and small communities we love.

Our hope is this will be a place where you can be inspired to do the same. So jump in, hear the stories of people who are doing life in rural America and loving it, and start dreaming. And then let us know what you're up to so we can share your story, too!