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Whether we want to admit it or not, many of our small towns are slowly fading away as America's job force becomes increasingly more urban than rural. Today about 1 in 7 Americans lives in rural parts of the country, which are the 1,800 counties that sit outside any metropolitan area. A generation ago, most of these places had working economies, a strong social structure, and a way of life that drew a steady stream of urban migrants. Today that story looks a little different, with our small town populations suffering and our main streets disappearing.

Maybe you, like me and so many others, were raised on the farm or in a small town, moved away after high school, and never came back. Not necessarily because you didn't want to, but because there simply wasn't a way for you to make a living. Maybe you couldn't wait to leave the country for the city, only to discover how much you really do love the country. Maybe you currently live in a rural area and would give anything to see life come back to your community. Or maybe you grew up in the city, have always felt a pull toward the country, and just didn't know how it could be possible for you to actually live there.

No matter your situation, there is a common dream we share: to see our rural farm communities prosper and grow. We want to see life come back to Main Street USA. The good news is, things are starting to shift in this direction, and we have some strong statistics to support this trend:

  • Reports show that over 50% of the working population will be able to work remotely by 2020. People now have more options than ever to work city-based jobs from rural locations.

  • Homebuyers are seeking rural properties in increasing numbers. According to leading local realtors, small, affordable acreages are some of the most desirable properties on the market today.

  • Creative business startups are popping up all over at the greatest rate since the 2007 recession. With the combination of a thriving economy and new tax cuts, plus a generation of customers who are ready to embrace and support local business, now is a great time to be a small business owner.

Revival in our small towns and rural communities is not only possible, it's happening. Rural Revival is a place to celebrate those who are pioneering new ideas in rural communities and to spark ideas for your own small-town entrepreneurial adventure. This is a community within itself, where we can all encourage and support each other as we go after our dreams. We'll be sharing stories of people doing exactly that, and I'll be sharing some of my own story as I navigate this journey with you.

We've got a lot of great things coming your way and I am beyond excited. We'll be launching a new podcast soon, and we have some fresh merch at Rural Revival Supply Co. to help you represent this cause we all believe in so much. Plus more to come, so check back often! Bring on the RURAL REVIVAL!

>> Danna Larson, Founder


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