We are beyond excited to bring you this week's podcast interview with Katie Harvey Martinez of Harvey’s Diner in Redfield, Iowa (pop. 826). Katie's story is what first inspired us to start the Rural Revival podcast, and you will quickly understand why. From the Iowa farm to Broadway and back, Katie's life is one amazing adventure. But her most recent move back to Iowa to open Harvey’s Diner is quite possibly her most exciting adventure yet. 

We recorded this in the diner during the afternoon break, and you can literally hear the excitement build in the background as the locals start coming in for happy hour. From what’s behind the name of Harvey’s Diner to what it means to stay local to why Katie loves a party - we cover it all!

And we hope you feel like you’re sitting right there in the restaurant with us, taking it all in. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you'll find out why Katie's story is making an impact that will carry way beyond Redfield, Iowa. Thank you, Katie, for letting your life and dream and business inspire us all to pursue our passions!


If you are not living your passion every single day, you’re doing something wrong. 
— Katie Harvey Martinez

Listen right here or on iTunes!

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