This week on the podcast we’re in Cimarron, New Mexico (pop. 1,021) with entrepreneurs Colin and Erin Tawney - and what happened to be a fortuitous stop on our road trip to California earlier this year. We pulled into town just as the Super Bowl was ending and stopped by the only place that happened to be open, the Blu Dragonfly Brewery, and as we got to talking to the owners, we realized we really needed them to share their story on the podcast. So I grabbed my recording equipment and we did this completely on the fly! 

Colin and Erin are sharing what led them to bringing a bed and breakfast, brewery, and bike race to their historic town, plus all they’re doing to help bring economic development and positive change to the community. They are a great example of what it looks like to really seize the opportunities their small town has to offer, and even established a nonprofit and scholarship program as a way to give back.

Listen right here or on iTunes:

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My soul is at home here.
— Erin Tawney
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Chase that dream. Don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t be afraid to move away from the conveniences of a big city because the world these days is so much different. It’s not so scary to do that.
— Colin Tawney
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It is a bit of a transition coming in from the city, but it just means you have to plan better.
— Erin Tawney

What’s so cool about the internet and online commerce is it allows people like us to be able to leave those conveniences, to be able to take the risks, and go where your heart soars and do what really speaks to you.
— Colin Tawney
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I didn’t expect the empty next syndrome when my guests leave. But people will stay with you a few days, you get to know them, you end up friends.
— Erin Tawney
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Quit thinking of every reason of why you can’t do something. Figure out how you can make it happen.
— Colin Tawney
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