Hello! My name is Amber Wright and I am the owner of Vian T-Shirt Company. My husband Kenyatta was born and raised here in Vian. I am from a small town just on the other side of Lake Tenkiller, Tahlequah. Together with our partners we own three other stores in small towns in Northeast Oklahoma. We are a custom screen printing and embroidery company. We love being in the small towns in Oklahoma and each store being so unique to the town that they are in.   

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My husband and I have been married for 19 years and have four children: Alexis, Elijah, Solomon, and Avery. My husband played professional football for the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets. During our time in New York we knew that would never be our home. There were so many places we talked about that would be great to raise our family, but no place like home in Oklahoma. So in 2007, we moved our family permanently back to Oklahoma.

There were many conversations between my husband and I about opening our own business. We just didn’t know where to start or really what path to take. In 2011, we had the opportunity to open our first screen printing and embroidery business in Tahlequah. The business took off and has been more than we could have ever expected. Three years later we moved our family to Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, and once we were settled we decided to expand our business and open up a location there.

Upon the graduation of our oldest daughter, we decided that it was time for us to move our boys and youngest daughter to Vian. Vian was always a place my kids loved to visit, and it was a place that was so special to my husband — it was home. Throughout the years we had been asked when we were going to bring our business to Vian. We thought this was the perfect opportunity to expand once more. We purchased a building downtown to open our newest location and get started here. After seeing the beauty that had been brought out in the buildings surrounding us, we decided to do a complete remodel. It has certainly taken longer than we ever thought. A few plans have changed, but we are so excited for the future here. There is just something about this place, the people, and the mighty Wolverines. 

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