Music has always been a huge part of who Roger Cowan is, and he's sharing how that led to the start of his company, Dog Tired Guitars, on this week's podcast. Roger has always had a passion for old things and the stories that are born from seeing life in all of its imperfections. So he combined that with his passion for music and created Dog Tired Guitars in 2013.

Based in Perkins, Oklahoma (pop. 2,831), Roger builds custom guitars that inspire, and out of the most amazing materials. From concrete to old barn wood to baseball bats - no texture or material is off limits. His products are 100% American made, and people are loving Dog Tired Guitars so much there’s now a two-year waiting list!  

And as if we didn't already have enough reasons to love this company, Roger is very intentional about this company being rooted in small-town, rural America. As his website states, "This is what drives us. This is what excites us, this small-town, rural landscape that represents a character born of generations of hard, honest work. This is where America was built. This is where our roots lie."

We talk with Roger about why he believes in charity work and music education, and why the story behind the guitar is so important. Plus, we get a guest appearance from his dog Marty, who just so happens to be the mascot for Dog Tired Guitars!

Listen right here or on iTunes:

And be sure to check out the Dog Tired Guitars gallery, guitar straps, and merch on their website, where Roger and Dog Tired Guitars are offering a special Rural Revival discount! Use the discount code "revival" to get $5 off any guitar strap or tee! Thanks, Roger and Dog Tired Guitars!


Perkins, Oklahoma
Joel's Heirloom Barncaster
Matt Holliday Baseball Bat Guitar
The NEEDTOBREATHE Classic by Commonwealth Cares Foundation
Tulsa Public Schools Music Education / Cain's Ballroom Guitar
Cain’s Ballroom
Tulsa Band Instruments
Conn-Selmer Factory
Dog Tired Heritage Series
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Dog Tired Guitars Website

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Matt Holliday Special

Matt Holliday Special

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Work shouldn’t be about fulfilling yourself.
I think work that you do should be for
the benefit of others.
— Roger Cowan
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