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Scott Stebner is a nationally published agricultural photographer and videographer. Or, to put it simply, Scott creates photos and videos of people with grit. This week on the podcast Scott’s sharing about some of the amazing projects he’s been involved with, why he has started to focus more on video, and why he’s not afraid to fail. Plus you’ll learn how an unlikely background as a coastal kid in the arts and music scene shapes how he does his work and has given him a very unique perspective. It’s a great - and fun - conversation.

And be sure to check out the Scott Stebner Photography website to see his photos and videos - we promise it will be the most inspiring part of your day!

I am fine with failure. I don’t want to reach the end of my career and think that everything I succeeded at was safe. Because that means I’m not getting better. 
— Scott Stebner

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Scott was also featured this week on The Ruralist, which is a new project Rural Revival just rolled out with Brooke Clay of Rural Gone Urban. We’re partnering together to shine a light on top influencers and advocates of rural living, and we were honored to feature Scott in our inaugural list. You can check it out at ruralist.co, and we’d love to have you nominate YOUR favorite Ruralist for our next list that will come out in October. 

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