This week on the podcast we’re in Gridley, California (pop. 6,937) with third generation rice farmer Matthew Sligar. Matthew started Rice Farming TV to help promote and educate people on the California rice industry through weekly videos on YouTube, and he’s gained quite a following.

He’s talking all things rice farming and how his videos have opened up some great opportunities for him, including some fun, new projects. He’s even working on a children’s book about rice farming that will be coming out soon!

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Gridley, California
The World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat Farmer
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I thought it would be irresponsible of me if I didn’t come home and at least try to be a real life rice farmer for one year. I think the farming business that my dad continued from his dad deserved that.
— Matthew Sligar
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This is the future of farming, to where you’ve got a direct line to the farmer. You’ve seen him, you’ve witnessed him, you know exactly how he put that crop in and how he harvested it, you’re buying it from him. That’s amazing that that demand or accessibility is possible. 
— Matthew Sligar
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Check out the World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat Farmer himself:


And here’s Matthew’s video of his hometown of Gridley:

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I think of this connectivity that technology and social media has created. Rural America doesn’t mean small town anymore. We have, in a small town, the resources to reach out and do big things. We can reach an audience who otherwise would be cut off due to distance or lack of interest. And we can now put things that matter to us in our small, rural towns in front of people who should know what’s happening within our communities, within our farm. And I think that’s a powerful tool.

Ask yourself, what do you want people to know about that’s happening either on your farm or in your community? Put it out there.
— Matthew Sligar


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