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It’s so great to live in one place and to have a little slice that’s ours. To look down at the dirt and say we earned this. It feels really good. It’s such a tangible sense of accomplishment. And to really be able to put our money and our time and our energy into something we can be proud of and enjoy for the rest of our lives, it’s just the best.
— Kenyon Lomax

This week on the podcast we’re in Pawhuska, Oklahoma (pop. 3,584) with Luke and Kenyon Lomax of Prairie Sky Jewelry Company. With a new business and products that have quickly become high in demand, we have an incredible conversation on how they have built their business and their life, and how they transitioned from life on the road to their new home on the farm in Pawhuska. From learning their trade to social media to customer service and so much more - they have a lot of gold to share that any small business owner can learn from.

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There’s something really satisfying about boxing up $3000 worth of your hard work and mailing it somewhere - to lay it all out and look at what we did.
— Kenyon Lomax

Be sure to go check out their website and see why everyone loves Prairie Sky so much, and follow their Instagram stories where Kenyon shares daily about the adventures of their life around their farm, the building of her studio, her gorgeous designs, and more.

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It’s nice to see you having success because you’ve given up a lot on the road to try to help me, help us get out of poverty and so for it all to come this far is pretty cool.
— Luke, about Kenyon
He’s been the coolest about it. He’s let me struggle a little bit and he’s kept his hands off the steering wheel just so I have this experience, just so I have the opportunity to build something, to work on my dreams, and I never asked him to do it. It’s something he just kind of decided to do.
— Kenyon, about Luke
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Luke and Kenyon had a lot of great things to say about their town of Pawhuska, and we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting a Rural Revival Mastermind there in May! You can find all the details here.



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