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This week on the podcast we’re in Pawhuska, Oklahoma (pop. 3,377) with Steven and Tiffany Poe, owners of The Grandview Inn. Steven and Tiffany are sharing how a homeschool group connection introduced them to Ree Drummond — who we all know as The Pioneer Woman — which led to them moving to Pawhuska, and how they now have their own piece of Drummond history at the Inn. The Inn is a place that radiates charm — complete with a dance floor, sunroom, and incredible architectural elements. Steven and Tiffany make a great hospitality team, and after seven years of running The Grandview Inn, they have a very fun announcement that you won’t want to miss!

These two have a very busy life, as you will find out, and we were honored to get to sit down with them for a few minutes before the next day’s guests arrived! As they share their story, you’ll appreciate how they’ve always felt like the community owns this house and that it was a place to be shared, and how they’re now involving the community in an amazing giveaway. So, if you are someone who loves people, food, hospitality, and small town America, and want to be part of the incredible rural revival happening in Pawhuska, you will want to check out this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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I think the most exciting factor about what we’re doing is the chance for someone to be on an adventure, and to learn about Pawhuska from the eyes of a business owner and from someone who gets to be here 24/7.
— Tiffany Poe
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There’s so much peace here, and so much potential of what could be. 
— Tiffany Poe
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