We road tripped to Prairie Grove, Arkansas (pop. 4,380) for this week’s podcast with Zack and Laura Kraus, creators and owners of Flamingo Springs Trailer Resort. Zack and Laura are sharing how they decided to quit their multiple jobs in LA, sell their stuff, and ultimately move to Arkansas and open a trailer resort that really is as awesome as it sounds. From astroturf to Atari to a beebee gun range, plus the incredible vintage decor and themed trailers, they have thought of all the details in making Flamingo Springs an incredible, fun, and relaxing experience for their guests. You will definitely want to put Flamingo Springs on the list for your next road trip! 

Listen right here or on iTunes:

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We believe in working hard. We’ve worked so hard on this thing. And then throughout the journey I’ve cleaned houses and Zack’s waited tables and we’ve both had to do side gigs so we’re able to pull this whole thing off.
— Laura Kraus
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To be able to have this beautiful piece of land and this supportive community, it gives you something to work for. It makes it all seem worthwhile. 
— Zack Kraus
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If we had planned everything out and if we had known exactly what we were getting ourselves into, we probably wouldn’t have done this. So there was some kind of beauty going into it blind.
— Laura Kraus
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