This week on the podcast we’re in Bedford, Iowa (pop. 1,440) with Sandy Schubert of Hedgie’s Books, Toys, and More. Sandy and her husband moved to Bedford a little over four years ago. From taking a chance on a new town, to the success of her store, to the way this community has embraced her and her husband, you’ll love hearing Sandy’s story and how this move was so right, in so many ways. She is a true example of how everyone benefits when you get involved in your small town.

You have to take a positive pledge to say I’m gonna promote our town every single day. I’m gonna work hard to make it better every single day. And what that looks like is different for everybody. But we all have to give in order for our town to succeed and we all have to promote it every day.
— Sandy Schubert

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We need to have inspirational people, especially in rural towns. People and towns need inspirational leaders. They need people to go out on the edge and say I’m opening a store no matter what, whether it sinks or whether it floats.
— Sandy Schubert
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I love everything about this town. I love the brick streets. I love the unique architecture on our buildings. I love the size of our town, that you can get almost everything you want here in town. I love that we’re far away from big cities and a ways away from a Wal Mart. I love everything about Bedford. But mostly I would have to say I love the people. They have totally accepted me and you don’t always find that in a small town. But it’s just home and I think it’s really important to give back to that community.
— Sandy Schubert
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