We’re so excited to bring you this week’s interview with Joni Nash, the Executive Director of the Pawhuska, Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce. Pawhuska (pop. 3,377) just happens to be the home of Ree Drummond — The Pioneer Woman, and Joni has been right in the action as this small town has been revived literally overnight. She’s sharing about what the Pioneer Woman Mercantile has done for this community, along with the unexpected series of events that led to her moving here. She also has some amazing advice for anyone thinking about making the move to rural America. 

Joni is such a life-giving presence wherever she goes, and that really shines through on this interview. You’ll love hearing about the generosity of the Drummond family and their investment into the community of Pawhuska, and the fascinating history this place holds. Pawhuska is constantly changing as it continues to grow and expand as a hot tourist destination. With the Christmas rush over, now is the perfect time to visit Pawhuska and check out all it has to offer! 

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I’m thankful that I had the gumption or the audacity to step out and to invest in this community because this community has invested in me and received me and loved me.
— Joni Nash


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If there’s a dream or a vision in your heart, it may come down to a timing thing, but at the same time, no one has ever done anything great that hasn’t had to take a leap of faith and step out.
— Joni Nash


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