This week we’re featuring the town of Harrington, Washington (pop. 424) and sharing some of the stories of rural revival happening here! Be sure to check back, as we’ll be posting new stories every day!

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This week we’re back in Harrington, Washington with Karen Allen of Hotel Lincoln, The Electric Hotel. Karen and her husband Jerry have a love for restoration and their work on this hotel, originally built in 1902, is a labor of love that is ten years in the making. It was called The Electric Hotel because the building was provisioned for electricity before the City of Harrington had electricity supplied to the town. At the time it was very innovative and a cornerstone for the development of Harrington. Now Karen and Jerry want it to be the cornerstone for redevelopment.

Karen and Jerry have a vision for this hotel that is way beyond themselves, and you’ll love this restoration story and how invested they are in the future of Harrington. If you want to help contribute to their efforts, they are continuing to accept donations for their window project, and would love to have another investor who shares the vision of promoting restoration and rural entrepreneurs. You can find more information through the links in the show notes, and be sure to check out their social media to see all their progress.

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It is the community’s building. It’s not ours. And it always will be, I hope. I want people to live, work here and feel like this is a great place. 
— Karen Allen
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Look at the great assets that are in this town. They’re worth preserving, they’re worth saving, and they’re worth doing something with.
— Karen Allen
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