This week on the podcast we’re in Cody, Wyoming (pop. 9.885) with Jesse Renfors of Cody Coffee Roaster. From a professional luger to a stay-at-home dad turned coffee roaster, Jesse is sharing about his journey and how he has grown his company from a side hustle to an international success. From turning an older service station into the ultimate Cody Coffee shop, to opening two locations in a month, to his unique experience working his way up in the restaurant industry, this episode is packed with value.

You’ll love Jesse’s heart for community over competition, and his perspective on what it’s like doing business - and living in - a tourist town and how that plays into his business. He has definitely created a great experience for his customers and he’s just getting started! So get to planning your trip to Cody Yellowstone and be sure to make Cody Coffee a stop along the way!

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Here in Cody, if you’re willing to put your nose to the grindstone and just work hard and take care of people and do the right thing, they’re gonna welcome you with open arms. And we’ve really felt that. 
— Jesse Renfors

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Getting involved in your community is everything, especially for our rural communities. That we make sure we’re not living with the blinders on, that we’re trying to help everybody out, making sure that we’re not holding our cards close to our vests. I try to work with all the coffee shops here in town. Everybody’s here to kind of do the same thing and if we work together all boats will rise. Let’s be sure to try to help each other out and keep those dollars local.
— Jesse Renfors


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