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Taking the best of old-fashioned living and principles and weaving it into a modern life. 
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This week we’re in Chugwater, Wyoming (pop. 212) with Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead. After growing up in the suburbs, Jill and her husband Christian knew they wanted a life in the country. So they went all in and started building what we now know as The Prairie Homestead — and pioneering the way for today’s homestead movement. Jill’s sharing all about her life as a homesteader, what she has learned as this brand and business has grown and expanded, and how, as someone who didn’t love cooking, she ended up with a cookbook. You’ll love Jill’s passion and intentionality, and how it shows in everything she’s doing.

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Failure is something that we’re all adverse to, but you can’t let it stop you. 
— Jill Winger
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I’d say we started off very small thinkers, which is normal, and homesteading opened up the door of possibility. 
— Jill Winger
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Prior to figuring out that there was this world of homesteading, I thought I had to just fall into this typical, cookie-cutter mold. And I didn’t want it, but I didn’t know there was an alternative. So when I allowed myself to be open to the idea that we could live far from town, we could maybe even have a milk cow someday or I could grow some food and I didn’t have to be completely reliant upon the store like everybody else, it made me more open-minded to other possibilities.
— Jill Winger
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I love the mixture of what we do. We have part of our life that’s fast paced, and part of our life that’s old fashioned. And I think I need to have both. I love the stimulation of running a business and being connected to people online and helping others, but then I also at the end of the day want to shut off the computer and go outside and plant something, or play with the cows, or be in the fresh air. And I think having both keeps me grounded and also driving forward into what we really want in life, because they support each other really well. 
— Jill Winger
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