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Anything we can do to help encourage or support growth within the community, whether that’s with a young person or with another business, we are all about doing cross-promotion. 
— Dan Douglas
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It’s all about finding something you’re good at and taking and running with it. If you find something you’re good at, you can succeed in it.
— Dan Douglas
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This week we’re in Belleville, Kansas (pop. 1,991) with Dan Douglas of Belleville Hometown Lumber. Dan is sharing about his unlikely path as an entrepreneur, and how he was able to come back to his hometown and open a business. We touch on community over competition, what it means to bring jobs to his hometown, and how their business growth is having an impact beyond their community.

You’ll be impressed by the way Dan runs his business and his willingness to help and pour into others. Investing in the next generation is such an important role in the future of our rural communities and Dan is setting an example that we can all learn from and bring to our small towns as well.

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The thing that I am most proud of is the fact that when we bought the business five years ago, there were six full-time employees. . .and right now there are 21 employees currently on the payroll. We’re not just minimum wage jobs, either. 
— Dan Douglas


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