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This week on the podcast we’re sitting down with Jeremy Mahler of The Nineteen14 in Minburn, Iowa (pop. 365). The Nineteen14 is an old railroad depot that Jeremy turned into a restaurant that draws thousands of people each year — mostly through the local bike trail.

Being a local business person I understand how important it is for everyone to help everyone. We do everything we can to try to keep our dollars local.
— Jeremy Mahler

As a creative and an entrepreneur, Jeremy is always involved in lots of fun projects, which you’ll get to hear more about. He’s also sharing why, after living and traveling all over the world, he decided to return to his roots in small town Iowa.

Plus, you’ll find out how Jeremy and The Nineteen14 helped inspire the idea of the Rural Revival podcast, and why there is a creative movement just waiting to happen in rural America. Listen right here or on iTunes:

Podcast show notes and links:

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Maybe that’s the root of who I am. I love bringing things that were once old and glorious back to their glory days.
— Jeremy Mahler
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All photos by Melissa Stukenholtz / Gorman House Photography


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